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Your ductless heating and cooling system is simple and efficient, so choosing a comfortable temperature should be the same. Replace your complicated remote control with the D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller. The device works like a thermostat, so you can intuitively set your preferred temperature.


The pro ductless split controller works with more than 800 different models of ductless mini-split systems from the top manufacturers. Setup is completed right on the device with only six parameters, then easily install with the included wall mount or table stand.


Quick and Easy Installation

Install the D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller on the wall using provided adhesive strips or use the included table mount to set it on a flat surface. Setup happens right on the device without an app, so all you have to do is enter six parameters, including the brand and model of your ductless system.


Accurate Temperature

Typical ductless split systems sense the temperature at the head unit, but the mini split WiFi controller senses temperature at the device, making it easy for you to get the temperature you want. The controller works just like a thermostat, so you choose the heating or cooling setting then select your preferred temperature.


Expanded Climate Control

The D6 Pro WiFi Ductless Controller works directly with the Honeywell Home mobile app, so you can set the mode, temperature and fan speed anywhere, anytime. Get personalized climate control by setting up geofencing and scheduling. Plus, the app works with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices or Google Home smart speakers.

Honeywell D6 WiFi Ductless Controller

$150.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price
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